Hearty thanks ceilidh and barndance revelers for sharing your love for Ceilidh Tree and ensuring we’re the highest rated ceilidh band in the UK on Google! We’ve now over 160 five star reviews representing all the areas of our work from weddings, public ceilidhs, festivals, Scottish ceilidhs, Burns Nights and barndances to Irish weddings, reeling nights, St Patrick’s ceilis, school events, pirate and bollywood ceilidhs, work ceilidhs and hoedowns! You can read through a selection on our reviews page. There’s also press quotes, client letters and our FacebookGoogle page to further whet your Ceilidh Tree review appetite!

Though you might think we just got lucky (well we certainly did, also!) pausing to reflect on how we ended up in this enviable position (and the daunting task ahead to maintain it) leads us to consider on particular elements of a Ceilidh Tree booking that got us here… The element we value above all others and the ingredient that makes our celtic sauce oh so moreish… And that is (drum roll) our ability to create a FUN, MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE for guests!

We do all we possibly can to maximise the chance of ceilidh euphoria! We MUST choose the right dance for the group and make sure that the ceilidh is INCLUSIVE. Dance choice is KEY! We’d usually start with very easy dances and never progress unless guests are going to cope well with them. We are not overly concerned about the dance being perfect. Don’t get us wrong, we love it when everyone does the “stamp-stamp-stamp” in Dashing White Sergeant in perfect unison BUT it’s not the focus of our approach. Our priority is coaxing as many guests to the dancefloor as possible and making sure folks are having a GREAT time enjoying being hauled into the weird and wonderful shapes that ceilidhs and barndances allow. To this end we LOVE dances that have a novelty element – e.g. Cumberland Square Eight with the helicopter / basket. Sometimes we add in bits to up the fun-factor e.g. the ‘wave’ during Riverside cascades multiple times down the set at the end to create just one of the many ceilidh climaxes you’ll hopefully get to enjoy at a Ceilidh Tree gig! But we’d better not give too much away if we’re to keep our status as the UK’s highest rated ceilidh band!

Need a quote for your ceilidh, wedding or barndance? YIKES maybe we’ve set the bar too high now! Submit your info below or phone / email guitarist Will (07946616380) for a quick response.