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Ceilidh Tree are a friendly and experienced band. Having attending ceilidhs, sessions and folk festivals from a tender age we’re passionate about spreading the joys of folk dance far and wide! Our line up includes fiddle, accordion, guitar and our amazing caller – the undoubted star of the show. Our trusted team of professional performers has grown over the years and now gives us flexibility to host all manner of events and, crucially, a safety net in the event that anyone falls ill – we’ve never had to pull out of a performance in almost a decade of regular ceilidhs! We also offer lots of packages like ceilidh and disco, piper or photography which makes planning your event easier.  Our amazing band co-ordinators Laura and Anna manage all of our performances and will be quick to respond to any queries before or after booking.



Video ThumbnailWe ♥ getting everyone dancing! Learn more about ceilidh band Ceilidh Tree at Whether you're ceilidh virgins in a castle or veteran dancers in a barn, Ceilidh Tree are guaranteed to get you dancing! We're ceilidh and barn dance experts and have built up a wealth of experience at all kinds of events. The emphasis at our ceilidhs is always on fun and maximising your guests' enjoyment. We work with an incredible caller that knows how to make sure everyone is included and having as fabulous a time as possible! We can provide entirely Scottish or Irish ceilidhs and also offer add-ons like DJ / disco, lighting, ceremony music or piper which makes the planning process much easier. If you're planning a wedding ceilidh, barn dance or Scottish / Irish event then we'd love to hear from you - find out more at

Video ThumbnailThe Virginia Reel is one of Ceilidh Tree's all time favourite ceilidh dances. We usually include it early on in a set as it's so quick to teach and also helps us start with a bit of a bang! Learn more about ceilidh band Ceilidh Tree at The two long lines and all important final gallop in Virginia Reel can make this a showstopper. It works great as a wedding ceilidh first dance with the bride and groom at the top of the set receiving an extra loud whoop when they gallop down. It incorporates elements of Scottish, Irish and English dances so we can get away with including it whatever the occasion! As a very busy ceilidh band we've witnessed more than a few gallops in our time... The best emerge spontaneously from those dancefloors where couples try to outdo each other in creating ever wackier ways of making that final journey. Roly polys, back flips, moonwalks, gangnams, fireman's lifts, manically legging it down the set or just an understated body pop. Our version of Virginia Reel is a tweak on the classic, perhaps not for the ceilidh purists as it loses the usual casting out section. This means we can get it going quicker, fit everything into 32 bars of high octane revelry and put greater focus on the all important gallop. If you're looking for a ceilidh band for your wedding, Scottish or Irish event, barn dance or other shindig then we'd love to hear from you - full details at
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